Concerts and Plays

Dance recitals, concerts and plays all have one thing in common: it takes countless hours of preparation and practice for only a few short moments the work is ever presented to a live audience.

For some, it could be their big break moment. For others, they could be acting, singing or dancing in front of their family and friends for the first time.

It’s why it’s so important to capture these moments in photographs so they can last a lifetime.

James Emery has photographed scores of plays, concerts and dance recitals over the past few years, including Canadian rock legend Tom Cochrane, 54-40, The Trews, Jeff Martin 777 (of The Tea Party fame), the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and many, many more.

James Emery Photography will attend and shoot hundreds of high-quality photographs of your event and provide access for parents, friends and other family to purchase the images on an online gallery ( often hours after an event concludes. Members of the client’s organization (parents, family etc) can chose from a variety of options, including high-resolution digital downloads, a variety of print options and speciality items, including mugs, magazine covers and cards. Alternatively, clients can pre-purchase James Emery Photography services should they wish to absorb the costs.

Contact James Emery Photography now to see how you can receive complimentary, high-quality digital images of your event at no cost.

Don’t leave your moment to chance — hire a professional with a proven track record.

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